zCloak — Invested by Coinbase and KuCoin. The next BIG airdrop opportunity!

zCloak Network is a zero knowledge Proof-as-a-Service (PaaS) project that allows user identity verification without disclosing your real identity — It proves who you are, wthout telling who you are!

Earier this year, it received seed-round investment from a number of big crypto players, including Coinbase, KuCoin, Matrixport Ventures, Jump Capital, Bixin Ventures, mong others. Potentially it is a project with very profitable opportunity!

While the project is still in its early stage, there are a few ways to prepare get yourself into position for any future airdrops:

1. Complete Social Tasks

Make sure you complete the simple social tasks on its Crew3 page to get a special “zk-Neophyte” role and join its Discord.

2. Creating your zCloak account

a. Visit https://cred.zkid.app/#/account?redirect=claimer

b. Create your passwords, and generate your wallet secret pharses

3. Joining the “zk-Guessing for World Cup Games”

Visit the project’s credential page

Click ”Claimer” button on the top and change your role to “Attester”

Click “Issue” on the left menu, then click “Issue” under “World Cup Games”.

Click “Issue to myself”.

Join zCloak Discord and obtain your verification code in the “zkid-verify” channel.

Input your Discord ID and the verification code you got from the previous step. Then click “Submit”.

After the submssion you will receive a notification.

Now, change your role back to “Claimer”.

Download the Verificable Credential you created just now, and keep the file locally on your computer.

That’s it! You have successfully joined the “zk-Guessing for World Cup Games”!



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